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UCompareHealthCare has developed the HQMT (Hospital Quality Monitor Tool) to provide a cost effective way for hospitals and quality professionals to benchmark and compare multiple quality, cost measures and more.


  • Affordable: HQMT is a fraction of the price of other data sources and services.
  • State of the art risk adjustment methodology is used: This creates a level playing field for fair comparisons between providers.
  • Broad coverage: The HQMT database covers more than 5,200 hospitals.
  • No software required: On demand, web based application with simultaneous multi-user capability.


  • Benchmark results: With national, regional and state results, hospitals can reference their performance to specific areas of interest.
  • AHRQ measures for Inpatient Quality and Patient Safety.
  • HHS recommended care: View levels of compliance and those of your peers.

Patient Migration

  • Examine migration patterns: Where do patients go for care in your area or others?
  • Access the total charges for patients at other facilities: What are the missed opportunities worth?
  • Identify market opportunities for increased revenue: In what geographical areas should you target your marketing efforts?

More Provider product services and features:

  • Over 160 measures for most U.S. Hospitals, many of which were developed under the guidance of AHRQ.
  • Detailed Admissions traffic analysis.
  • Benchmark performance on a national, regional and state level.
  • Volume, total charges, length of stay and mortality for 26 of the most Common conditions and procedures.
  • Risk Adjustment via 3M APR-DRG™.

Have confidence in the data:

The HQMT (Hospital Quality Monitor Tool) is the result of two years of development by the UCompareHealthCare team with significant hospital and clinical knowledge and experience from 100 cumulative years in this setting.

Development began with an extensive literature review to determine the best practices, including identification of reliable data sources, risk adjustment strategies and appropriate measures for reporting. The result is a thoroughly documented, controlled and state of the art proprietary system for processing administrative discharge data for calculating quality and cost measures.

Understanding the clinical requirements and best practices is only part of the process. Displaying the data in a meaningful way is the other part of the equation. HQMT's proprietary methods for ascertaining national norms and interpreting the results are a key feature of the HQMT web based software suite. The core of HQMT's statistical methods was recently published in the Journal of Mathematics and Statistics.†

Supporting the HQMT web based software suite is a cutting edge, secure infrastructure. The HQMT servers are available to its clients anytime or any place through the internet. HQMT delivers consistently reliable quality measures, total charges, patient migration and other data on demand.

† Journal of Mathematics and Statistics 2 (1): 367-367, 2006
ISSN 1549-3644
© 2006 Science Publications