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Nursing Home Address

Grafton County Nursing Home
3855 Dartmouth College Hwy
North Haverhill, New Hampshire 03774

Facility Info

Grafton County Nursing Home in North Haverhill New Hampshire has a 97% occupancy rate with 131 residents using its 135 beds. They are not part of a multiple nursing home ownership and are a County Government run nursing home.

Grafton County Nursing Home has a below average registered nurse per resident per day of 43 minutes compared to the New Hampshire state nursing home average of 57 minutes. They had 2 deficiencies in its past 2 state inspections compared to the NH average of 10 and 1 complaints compared to the NH average of 6. Grafton County Nursing Home had 0 fire safety deficiencies in the past 2 state inspections which is better than the New Hampshire state nursing home average of 9.

Below is general facility information for Grafton County Nursing Home in North Haverhill, New Hampshire. More facility details are available on your free report.

Eligible to Participate in Medicare and/or Medicaid:

Participates in Medicare, Medicaid, or Both:
Medicare and Medicaid

Type of Organization:
Government - County

Total Certified Beds:

Services Provided
Below are services offered at Grafton County Nursing Home Additional services details and additional information are available on your free nursing home report.

Provided Onsite
Provided Offsite

Activities Services
Activities ServicesProvided Onsite

Clinical Lab Service
Clinical Lab ServiceProvided Onsite

Dental Services
Dental ServicesProvided Onsite

Dietary Services
Dietary ServicesProvided Onsite

Housekeeping Services
Housekeeping ServicesProvided Onsite

Mental Health Services
Mental Health ServicesProvided Onsite

Nursing Services
Nursing ServicesProvided Onsite

Occupational Therapy Services
Occupational Therapy ServicesProvided Onsite

Other Activity Services
Other Activity ServicesProvided Onsite

Pharmacy Services
Pharmacy ServicesProvided Onsite

Physical Therapy Services
Physical Therapy ServicesProvided Onsite

Physician Services
Physician ServicesProvided Onsite

Physician Extender Services
Physician Extender ServicesProvided Offsite

Podiatry Services
Podiatry ServicesProvided Onsite

Social Work Services
Social Work ServicesProvided Onsite

Pathology Services
Speech/Language<br/>Pathology  ServicesProvided Onsite

Therapeutic Recreation Services
Therapeutic Recreation ServicesProvided Offsite

Vocational Services
Vocational ServicesProvided Offsite

X-Ray Services
X-Ray ServicesProvided Offsite

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