Bethlehem Woods Nursing and Rehabilitation Center

4430 Elsdale Dr
Fort Wayne, IN 46835

  5/5 overall rating
Department of Health and Human Services
  • 90 Beds
  • 85 Residents
  • 94% Occupied

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Bethlehem Woods Nursing And Rehabilitation Center in Fort Wayne Indiana has a 94% occupancy rate with 85 residents using its 90 beds. They are part of a multiple nursing home ownership and are a County Government run nursing home.


Nurse staffing levels is only one element to consider when comparing nursing homes. While higher staffed nursing homes may offer additional staffing hours and care for patients with more serious illnesses factors like turnover and actual skill also contribute to these staffing numbers. Clerical, administrative and housekeeping staff do not affect these numbers.


Staffing Info

Below is staffing information for Bethlehem Woods Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Fort Wayne, IN.

RN Hours/Resident/Day
RN Hours/Resident/Day
57 Minutes
LPN/LVN Hours/Resident/Day
44 Minutes
LIC & CNA Hours
LIC Hours/Resident/Day
101 Minutes
CNA Hours/Resident/Day
114 Minutes
Medical Director Staff
Medical Director
Contractors: 0.23
RN Director of Nursing
RN Director
Full Time: 1.14
Pharmacy Staff
Medication Aid Technicians
Full Time: 2.03
Medication Aid Technicians
Part Time: 0.24
Housekeeping Staff
House Keeeping
Full Time: 7.21
Occupational Therapy Staff
Occupational Therapists
Part Time: 0.04
Physical Therapy Staff
Physical Therapists
Full Time: 1.03