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Hospital Address

Below is general facility information for Milan General Hospital in Milan, TN. More facility details are available on your free hospital comparison report.

Eligible to Participate in Medicare And/Or Medicaid:

In Compliance with Program Requirements:


Participates in Medicare, Medicaid, Or Both:
Medicare & Medicaid

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Total Beds

Total Certified Beds:

Services Provided
Below are services offered at Milan General Hospital Additional services details and additional information are available on your free hospital report.

Provided by Staff
Provided by Arrangement or Agreement

Anesthesia  Provided by arrangement or agreement

Blood Bank
Blood Bank  Provided by arrangement or agreement

CT Scanner
CT Scanner  Provided by staff

Dedicated Emergency Department
Dedicated Emergency Department  Provided by staff

Dietary  Provided by staff

ICU Cardiac (non-surgical)
ICU Cardiac (non-surgical)  Provided by staff

ICU Surgical
ICU Surgical  Provided by staff

Long Term Care Swing Beds
Long Term Care Swing Beds  Provided by staff

Occupational Therapy
Occupational Therapy  Provided by staff

Operating Rooms
Operating Rooms  Provided by staff

Outpatient  Provided by staff

Outpatient Surgery Unit
Outpatient Surgery Unit  Provided by staff

Pharmacy  Provided by staff

Physical Therapy
Physical Therapy  Provided by staff

Postoperative Recovery Room
Postoperative Recovery Room  Provided by staff

Psychiatric - Emergency
Psychiatric - Emergency  Provided by arrangement or agreement

Radiology - Diagnostic
Radiology - Diagnostic  Provided by staff

Rehab - Inpatient (not CARF Accredited)
Rehab - Inpatient (not CARF Accredited)  Provided by staff

Rehab - Outpatient
Rehab - Outpatient  Provided by staff

Respiratory Care
Respiratory Care  Provided by staff

Social  Provided by staff

Speech Pathology
Speech Pathology  Provided by staff

Surgical Services Inpatient
Surgical Services Inpatient  Provided by staff

Emergency Services
Emergency Services Provided by staff

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