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1.0 October 29th, 2014
I saw this doctor today for an intestinal issue. After going over my history and all of my concerns and explaining to Dr. Duhig that I have a severe neurological condition she told me I was way too young to experience the issues and symptoms I am having for my age and that my symptoms are phsychological not medical. I did not go to Dr. Duhig for primary care, I went for an emergency situation with a spastic colon and intestinal problem. I have Chiari Malformation. My skull was not formed properly and my cerebellum( the lower part of my brain otherwise known as the hindbrain is slumping down into my spinal column and pressing on my brainstem. This cause autonomic dysfunction in which the messages from the brain are not transmitted properly to the body. So yes this affects my whole entire autonomic nervous system. That includes everything from your brain to breathing and voiding or urine and also moving your bowels. Living with an invisible illness is hard enough. Finding the right doctor is harder. I actually fundraised for 6 months to get to my specialist and I am scheduled for brain surgery in less than a month. I only saw Dr. Duhig on this one occasion and I am certain it will be my last. I have her one star for prescribing a stomach muscle relaxant and the rest was horrible. How a doctor especially in an emergency/urgent care setting can be so uneducated about the brain and autonomic nervous system is frieghtening to say the least. To be told that a brain condition and what damage it does to your body is a psychological problem is exactly what is wrong with the medical society. But I didn't go to her for my brain condition. I went for help with a symptom. Neurological deficits and conditions do not discriminate. They do not judge how old you are and certainly do not deem you as a phsychologically. Impaired patient. I would not recommend this doctor for anything other than cold and flu. I hope this review will help someone.
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