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1.0 October 20th, 2017
I saw Dr. Hawila in 2004 for treatment of urinary difficulties. He arrived at the conclusion (without performing a cystoscopy) that I had a stricture in my urethra (scar tissue which narrows the passageway). He told me that he needed to do a procedure which involved cutting away the scar tissue inside my urethra. I specifically asked if he was 99% sure this procedure would cure me, and he answered yes. (I later found out that this type of procedure has a less than 50% success rate and usually causes more problems than it fixes). At 24 years old, I trusted my doctors fully and did not get a second opinion. I allowed him to do the procedure. Afterwards he told me there was "very little stricture" but that he cut it anyway. He told me I had a "spastic bladder," which he then rephrased as a "spas in my bladder" at the next appointment. After the procedure, I had to leave the catheter in until my next appointment. When he took the catheter out at my next appointment, I bled profusely for the following 3 days whenever I attempted to urinate. I called him immediately, and he told me that was normal. I lost of control of my flow of urine following the procedure, and until this day I have no use of the muscle that strengthens and weakens the flow (or that pushes urine out). This is accompanied by severe dripping after urinating as well as extreme hesitation. These symptoms were not present prior to the procedure. Upon reviewing the procedure notes with other doctors, I have learned the procedure Dr. Hawila performed on me was done in a "barbaric" fashion, and that the techniques he used have not been in practice for decades. (For example, he cut the supposed stricture at the "12 o'clock" which poses possible damage to the dorsal nerve of the penis instead of cutting at the "10 o'clock and 2 o'clock", which would have been safer.) He also neglected to check my prostate before the procedure, which I later found is the very first thing a urologist needs to do. (I saw 2 urologists after this, and that is the first thing they did.) I am certain that Dr. Munah Hawila is responsible for this damage. It's been 13 years since the procedure, and I can't remember what it is like to urinate normally. I have sought help from other urologists as well as homeopathic/naturopathic doctors to no avail. To top it off, I found Dr. Hawila to be very rude and condescending. I implore that you not see this doctor. And no matter who you decide to see, always get a second and third opinion especially if any type of surgical procedure is suggested. As I've learned, there is no coming back from a decision when you go under the knife. Thank you and good night! Regretfully, Pissing Razorblades.
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