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1.0 July 23rd, 2015
I had my Tubal Ligation on July 15, 2008. I recently just ordered my Operative Report from Baptist Memorial Hermann Hospital due to the fact I wanted to try to have more kids. Doctor Khalid Kayani stated in the Operative Report that he only cauterized 3/4 of an inch of my fallopian tubes left and right. Which at the time I thought was excellent because that made me a good candidate for a Tubal Reversal. I've had my Tubal Reversal and I'm so devastated to learn that Doctor Khalid Kayani didn't do what he stated on my Tubal Ligation Operative Report. The findings from my Tubal Reversal doctor was noted as, On the Operative Note, doctor stated that he cauterized about 3 quarters of inch of the fallopian tubes both right and left side. However, in bringing the tubes and visualizing only 2 or 3 cm were salvageable. The rest of the tube appeared desiccated from the figuration at the time of sterilization operation. I'm only stating this because what Doctor Khalid Kayani did was wrong, he burned all my tubes including my fimbria except 2 to 3 centimetres. I was healthy and nothing was the matter with my ovaries are fallopian tubes. I tried talking to Dr. Khalid Kayani and his only words was he done his job. So I asked his nurse what job was that to take all my tube even my fimbria. Who gave him the right to destroy or take matters into his own hand for a healthy person for no reason? Or for Dr. Khalid Kayani to say he done his job. I've never seen a Tubal Ligation done the way mine was done. Even so why lie on the paperwork if you done your job. My fallopian tubes right and left should not of been shorter than 7cm if he done what he stated in the Operative Report. Also I was only 22years old at the time and now I'm 29. With still no findings of the reason. I have no cyst, fibroids,ptls nothing and my ovaries are healthy
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1.0 August 2nd, 2016
If I could have rated negative. I would. This doctor needs to be held accountable for his horrible patient practice. He spoke with him in the most disrespectful way, basically called me a liar, & had to repeatedly ask him to explain the diagnosis he was giving me when that should have been a given. I would never recommend him to my worst enemy. I am computer appalled and can't wait to go pay my $25 to have my records transferred elsewhere
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