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1.0 August 18th, 2016
Not knowledgeable about certain facial correction procedures, off-putting demeanor, questionable courtesy, didn't seem confident in his abilities to improve facial scarring
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5 minutes

Negative Comments

Offended by his comment regarding the procedure "subcision" in which he said, "Did you find that on the internet". It came off as him thinking I didn't know what I was talking about/didn't do enough research even though I know of plenty of doctors who perform this procedure.

General Comments

If I could leave zero stars, I would. I came in for advice and help with improving some pitted acne scars which is a sensitive issue for me, and I felt like my privacy was breached when he brought someone who appeared to be "shadowing" without my permission. I then asked him what procedures he would suggest to help my scaring. It was understandable that I wasn't qualified for many of them due to skin tone, so I asked him if he would consider "subcision" otherwise known as subcutaneous incisional surgery. As a plastic surgeon, he DID NOT even know what subcision was even though it is a procedure many doctors know of and use in treating depressed scars. He asked me "Did you just find that on the internet?" which I found rude and insulting. I can't help that he isn't knowledgeable about certain procedures even though he has been in practice for 15 years. The way he went on to explain the likelihood of improvement for my scarring using Juvederm was concerning to me. He kept saying "I don't know, I don't know" regarding the outcome as if he wasn't confident in his ability to do it well. Same with excision - he was convinced that he would leave larger scars on my face even though there are plenty of skilled doctors who perform the procedure in a way that replaces scars with less noticeable ones. I wanted to see Dr. Motlagh again, but his demeanor wasn't very reassuring. He did not have much help to offer resulting in a very short consultation that was not worth the money.
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