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1.0 January 4th, 2015
Mastectomy Reconstruction

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Her staff is wonderful.

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My oncology surgeon brought Dr Burgess in to do the reconstruction so I assumed she was a good practitioner and she is. But she didn't listen to any of my input. I signed a surgery consent for "Possible nipple sparing" and she didn't even save the healthy breast nipple. I was not included on the implant selection, I voiced my concern that her choice looked too wide and not what I wanted. She never asked what I was envisioning and put them in anyway and now I'll be having them removed by another PS and replaced with a narrower, smaller implant. I indicated early on that I was not doing nipple reconstruction but rather nipple tattoos and she badgered me about the importance of nipples no less than 5 times after that, showed no respect for my choice. I'm 64 years old, its not as if I don't know myself and my body.
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