About Us

UCompareHealthCare (UCHC) helps people make better decisions about their healthcare choices. Our free reports help you find, research and compare hospitals, nursing homes, doctors, fertility centers and mammography centers.

UCHC provides dynamic Web-based interactive tools to consumers to enable them to measure the quality of healthcare services available. It is not our goal to "rate" or "grade" these providers. Instead, we allow the user to select information based on personal and specific interests, then we present the data in a visually descriptive manner through annotated charts and graphs for ease of interpretation.

For individuals, we provide an interactive Web site (UCompareHealthCare.com) that helps people make medically relevant healthcare comparisons and/or decisions based on several parameters relating to quality, location, credentials, past performance, and general capability. The site offers highly comprehensive comparisons of healthcare providers based on data available from federal and state government agencies and multiple third party sources.